Thursday, September 03, 2009

Una joyita !

Andrés Morales Zamudio: Andrés Morales is member of the CSIRT (computer security incident response team) team operated by Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria in Lima and is a member of the GIAC Advisory Board. He earned his Bachelor in Systems Engineering from the Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria. Also he holds OSCP, OSWP, GCIH, GPEN, CPTS and CEH certifications. In addition, Andres is currently pursuing his OSCE certification.

He is currently involved with Incident Handling, Penetration Testing and Forensic Analysis for a national organization. He enjoys giving network and security training courses for the internal CSIRT-UNI staff.

Por si no se dieron cuenta, es PERUANO!

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dig @ip_del_servidor_DNS A +norecurse